The Download Meditation

Exclusive benefits include one-click shopping, flexible payment options, free COUNTER 5 reports and MARC records, and a 10% discount on single all titles, as well as the award-winning e-Book and e-Journal Collections. Just collection of information and producing beautiful graph or pattern only leads us to better visualization which is far away from realization. We have just entered into the era of big data, processing of large amount of unstructured data seems not to be a challenge anymore, rather processing efficiency, getting meaning out of chaos are the fields of focus. Resisting technology’s changes and complaining about them is a thing humans have always done.

Was Carl Jung A spiritual?

As shown with great clarity in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, C. G. Jung had a lifelong interest in the spiritual life, as expressed not only in established religious traditions but also in a wide variety of other forms, including the great Western heresies, Gnosticism and alchemy.

Feel free to write to us and send us your creative articles, blogs, and opinion at The content on the website is for the readers with the provisions of “fair use” in order to help them with better insights of politics, economics, and socio-religious issues. Alex Hern at the Guardian similarly criticizes Instagram, but not because it breeds negativity.

The Download Meditation: Tuning Into A Virtual Collective Field

How meditation works is something that many spiritual traditions have long had deep knowledge and insights into. For several decades, such questions have also found their way into Western science. Most research projects, however, relate to the effects of meditation on the individual, on brain functions, on illness and healing, on stress, burnout and the ability to relax. What happens when many people meditate together is fxgiants review hardly the focus of the questions. You might feel a bit scattered, your attention pulled in multiple directions, such that you begin to suspect that the philosophers are right, that the unified self is an illusion. You may occasionally succumb to the delusion that everyone you know sounds the same, as though their individual minds, filtered through the familiar syntax of tweets and memes, have fused into a single voice.

virtual collective consciousness

In such moments, the noise is so total it becomes indistinguishable from silence, and even there, amidst the crowd, it is possible to experience a holy solitude, as though you are standing all alone, in the center of a great cathedral. For assistance with your personal problems, moral dilemmas, or philosophical concerns about encounters with technology, open a support ticket via email; or register and post a comment below. To support customers with accessing the latest research, IGI Global is offering a 5% pre-publication discount on all hardcover, softcover, e-books, and hardcover + e-books titles.

The Internet Is A Manifestation Of Our Psyches

How do I know this, because I was also sent an analysis conducted by audience research lab MediaScience, which found that ad spending on legitimate news outlets outperforms ad spending places on illegitimate ones. “Collective Consciousness” finds a way to take art from professors from different backgrounds and brings out the common themes in the work. Benson expressed her hopes that visitors of this exhibit will be able to see how well the New Paltz art faculty came together during the life-altering year that was 2020. Article copyright remains with the publisher, society or author as specified within the article. The ability to participate and be included in the ‘culturally-enabled perception of reality’ is fundamental to the survival of mankind.

Could the Internet wake up?

“There’s nothing stopping the Internet from having the computational capacity of a conscious brain, but that’s a long way from actually being conscious,” he says. … Even Koch admits that he doesn’t lose any sleep over the possibility of the Internet waking up.

Instagram’s algorithmic timeline saw the most significant improvements since Facebook acquired it in mid-2016. Instead of showing users a glimpse of what people were up to at any given time, Instagram started overrunning feeds with the most notable posts from some of those accounts, often heading back days or weeks to find especially persuasive content. In essence, the service started pushing a filtered, unrealistic version of a compiled and unrealistic feed. Yet along, Instagram ads and influencer marketing emerged and fed this curated way of working on Instagram similar to chicken or the egg analogy. Yousri Marzouki and Olivier Oullier, two behavioral scientists, revived and advocated this concept.

Love In The Time Of Social Media

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These art forms were divorced of ritual and authenticity and were reproduced to reinforce their prowess. In the twenty-first century post-media condition, a process of convergence and evolution toward a social consciousness, facilitated by a many-to-many social network strategy, is underway. Web 2.0 technologies are a catalyst toward an emergence of bittrex global review a collectivist aesthetic consciousness. As the prophecy of a post-industrial society becomes fulfilled, a post-media society emerges whose quest is for knowledge dependent upon economy that barters information. This chapter identifies a conceptual model of this recent paradigmatic shift and to identify some of the possibilities that are emerging.

Is The Internet The Collective Consciousness

This elegant work is to be considered through the lens provided by the model described in the figure especially when VCC is reaching a momentum of complexity that significantly impacts real-life behavior. This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. By expanding the tab presented within the search pane, matching keywords can be viewed without opening or redirecting to the matching note.

virtual collective consciousness

The internet has allowed individuals who were otherwise voiceless to find communities and social groups with shared traits and circumstances. Because of advances in technology, advances in communication, and advances in information sharing, , humankind is at a turning point where we have the ability to share knowledge, values, and common understandings in ways never before possible. Collective consciousness is like a network of values and common understanding between human minds. Thomas shares, “The Download Meditation is an expanding network of people that feel inspired to tune in and feel the download of energy and the support of a collective coherence we are building together. The coherence is a powerful function of consciousness and supports every participant to reach deeper states of consciousness with greater ease.

A Disturbance In The Force: Collective Consciousness At Burning Man

Understanding and using the collective consciousness is our superpower as humans. The reason you don’t wake up to a society of violence everyday is because “as a group” our global society agrees that violence is against our collective values as human beings. Collective consciousness doesn’t have to be global and can occur at any scale.

  • Thomas Hübl meditates together with up to a thousand people from all over the world for 45 minutes, no matter where he is.
  • You can benefit from understanding the collective consciousness as long as you understand it and work with it.
  • For assistance with your personal problems, moral dilemmas, or philosophical concerns about encounters with technology, open a support ticket via email; or register and post a comment below.
  • Lanier claims that using the Internet makes people feel bad because systems are built to exploit us by analyzing our preferences, predicting our impulses, altering our behavior, and generating opportunities for marketers.
  • We’re just weak, desirous, driven by the superficial, no different than humans have always been.

Because of its continuity and permanence it can also very well complement the big meditative single events that take place from time to time. To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. All these forms of media are constantly forming new connections both with each other and with older media like printing, radio, film, televisions, telephone, teletype, radar, and so on. They are clearly coming together to form a universal system (Enzensberger, 1974, p. 68).

People Who Like message From The Annunaki

So perhaps what worries us about the web, the reason we now feel dread where we once saw promise, is the sense that a few major players—the tech giants and social media influencers—are benefitting more than anyone else from an experiment meant for all. We don’t need to worry about the Internet damaging civilization or our collective mind. Perhaps, we must be asking ourselves how and where to live better with the resources and information we already have, how to handle ourselves and improve the skills necessary to cultivate crypto 28b a more evolved collective consciousness. It all relies on us and how we interact with social media, where we go online, and how it affects us personally. Theoretical frameworks of existing social movements miss the mark for understanding how the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions took place. Olivier Oullier, PhD, is a full professor at Aix-Marseille University where he teaches behavioral and brain sciences and conducts research at the Cognitive Psychology Lab on social coordination dynamics and decision-making.

virtual collective consciousness

This does not mean that everyone on a team should then, enabled by each other’s notes, become an expert across all disciplines of operation. I still view the optimal team composition as a compilation of highly specialized individuals. However, when documentation produced by a team member within a unique discipline is readily available across the team, the benefit of each individuals specialization is compounded. This article explores the expanding dimensions of Internet-based communication in connection with the potential up flowing of super-consciousness within virtual worlds. The presence of an Enlightened Master is highlighted as a necessary catalyst precipitating Internet mediated super-consciousness.

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They bring together a dynamic collection of people dedicated to exploring a wide range of noetic topics and facilitating a personal and collective shift in consciousness. Groups often meet to discuss articles, books, inspiring films, and other IONS materials. In response to the overwhelming demand for electronic content coupled with the mission to decrease the overall environmental impacts of print production and distribution, all IGI Global journals will shift into a digital preferred model for the 2022 volume year.

Who suggested that God is society Divinized?

Durkheim believed that religion is ‘society divinised’, as he argues that religion occurs in a social context.

What concerns Jazayeri most, from a psychologist’s perspective, is the danger of slipping too far into a virtual world and losing a sense of real life, real self, and real priorities. According to NewsGuard’s analysis of data from eMarketer and the Pew Research Center, “for every $2.16 in digital advertising sent to legitimate newspapers, U.S. advertisers are sending $1 to misinformation sites.” The Conscious Vibe is an organization based on radical open-mindedness of new discoveries, creativity, human civilizations, self-awareness, and the journey of life. Human evolution depends on more of us expanding our awareness to understand ourselves not as individual group affiliations, but as members of the human race.

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