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If you’re a business and stepping into the app development segment for the first time, the second option might as well be the only and best option. Now, while deciding which option to go for, you need to understand the scope and type of your project. First things first, do you need a developer or an app agency? If you’re just starting out and have limited funds, a freelance app developer will be ideal for your project. Most of them had previous development process experience with web or desktop applications, and tried to copy old concepts onto new platforms, but they failed. Smartphone platforms differ from all other types of platforms in many aspects, most of them related to small screen size and how the user interacts with device. We make sure that each engagement between you and your mobile app developer begins with a trial period of up to two weeks.

This, actually, defines how much your app will cost you in the end – $1000 or $5000. Do you remember how specific you’ve been when initially explaining the idea? It gets ten times more intense as you start doing actual things.

To create wireframes, you can use several online sources like, Moqups, Balsamiq Mockups, and UXPin. Feel free to ask the freelancers specific questions about their work experience, and don’t be afraid to ask something you may consider uncomfortable. But what should you pay attention to before choosing an app maker? First, you should look at the company’s portfolio, case studies, and products. It is a bonus if they have developed apps related to your idea. Whether you hire an iOS or an Android developer, outsourcing the software company can streamline and control the process of development. Start with referrals from your neighborhood, friends, and colleagues and job portals like,, and

They may understand your project but not be familiar with the market. So you have to find a programmer and provide the market insights you’ve gathered. Look for core skills such as knowledge of programming languages, UI/UX design experience, etc.

how to find a programmer for an app

Of course, it is best to be specific and complete so you hire a programmer who can hit the ground running. You’ll also want to add expectations when it comes to the level of collaboration with other employees. Also, ask the developer for rates to avoid extra costs. First, you can build an Software configuration management MVP, so-called “minimal viable product.” Develop your MVP with limited features for getting some inverse relationship. Don’t be afraid of sharing it and getting feedback from developers. To meet Android developers in person, you should attend Android conferences, hackathons, and meetups.

These sites screen their members and act as a secure payment gateway between buyers and sellers. On the other hand, a basic one-page site like a basic lead-gen page or landing page will cost an average hourly rate of $15-40+.

Explaining Your App Idea

I love my work as a mobile developer, and I welcome the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and skills to your next project! My emphasis is on developing data-driven applications for small businesses largely or internal use, however I have also developed and published a number of different types of apps. Several of my published projects are listed below for your review.

  • Connect with opinion-makers in the software industry or technology you’re hiring for to stay on top of the new events coming.
  • Everyone undercuts everyone else, resulting in some workers who will take on a job for unlivable wages.
  • Once again, you’ll want a graphic designer who can not only make your app look beautiful, but who understands UI and UX principles.

An interview to test the language and communication skills. The coders are tested for the ability to work remotely. You work together with the applicants on a paid trial project. Each candidate is assigned a test project, which is a real-world case, and must complete it within 3 weeks maximum.

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They may be experts in just one mobile software development language or know several, and may have expertise in front-end or back-end web development. No matter what kind of phone or tablet you carry, there are hundreds of apps for it — and new ones seem to be added to the app stores every day. Before you hire an app developer, it’s important to have specific goals for your app and a clear idea of its purpose. When your company is ready to build an application developer app, you can hire a freelance app developer or work with an app development company that can also support the app after it’s launched. It’s important to know whether you’ll need the developer to provide ongoing maintenance and support or if your internal IT team can maintain it after its launch. Basically, mobile app developers working as freelancers have always been hired to complete the specific project on or before time and with quality results.

Among the services you can hire for are programming, database programming, data science, software testing, mobile app development, and web development. Finding the right programmer or team to build a startup app is one of the biggest challenges non-technical startup founders face in the early stages of a startup. According to a Glassdoor survey, software engineering is one of the best paying and most demanded skills.

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Here’s why lonely tech guys are making bots to swipe on dating apps.

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You might not have the time to provide that degree of supervision if you’re already very busy growing your business. Which road you take to find mobile app developers depends on your own comfort level with managing your programming project. The cost to hire an app developer will depend entirely on the solution you choose. As you can see, freelancers can significantly reduce the cost of getting your app off the ground. By comparison, Clutch estimates the average cost of an agency-designed app ranges between $30,000 USD and $700,000 USD, with a median cost of $171,450 USD. Specialized training and bootcamps are also available for mobile app development, as well as for the broader audience of software developers of all kinds. More experienced developers looking for a quick leg up in this game might be well served by a local bootcamp that specializes in mobile development topics, tools and languages.

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Don’t be afraid to take useful terms or phrases and use them in your outline. Take ideas but make them your own and integrate them into the specification you publish for your project. Done right, a high-quality Android developer or app developer in general will be a worthwhile investment. is known for its rigorous vetting process, which is a 7-step, 360-degree approach designed to assess engineers as multi-dimensional professionals. Hundreds of successful client-engineer relationships have helped them understand the nuance of a fantastic match – beyond just skillset expertise. Let’s now have a look at each of these sites that specialise in recruitment for app development, in more detail.

Your recruitment process doesn’t end when your new hire parks their khakis at a desk in your office. After you hire a programmer, you must follow up by providing proper onboarding.

Both freelancers and companies find freelance development a lucrative proposition. Companies are increasingly hiring freelancers to meet work demands rather than full-time employees, given the fact that freelancers don’t have a fixed cost attached to them. Guru is a secure, flexible, and cost-effective platform that connects employers and businesses with some of the world’s top freelancers. Guru’s claimed 99 percent customer satisfaction rate makes it a top competitor to try when hiring developers.

You can choose between different pricing packages, e.g. a startup business website, PRO business website, or e-commerce business website. Based on your requirements, you get a shortlist of 1-2 developers. You can either pay the developers on an hourly basis via Moonlight or hire them directly.

how to find a programmer for an app

Based on data culled from their sites, Codementor reports web developers earns an average hourly range of $61-80, whereas Ziprecruiter indicates $25-43. From our research, these are the best sites to hire a developer. Finding and onboarding developers can get overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the hiring and recruiting circus. While there are plenty of websites and platforms and job boards to help you hire the right developers, zeroing in on the right platform needs some thinking and strategizing.

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So if you’re looking for dedicated developers, a referral might be your best bet. Most freelance sites have programmers and software developers available. If you’re not a developer or programmer yourself, use a site that vets its programmers. You’ll need someone with experience, who knows what they are doing and how to meet your needs. This is important and relevant to your hiring decision.

how to find a programmer for an app

The sheer volume of freelancers available means you can find quality work at a competitive price. The top three sources for finding hires today are referrals (24.5%), career sites (23%), and job boards (18%).

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