Aliexpress Dropship for Woocommerce

This plugin allows you to easily import dropshipped (or affiliated) products directly into your woocommerce store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.
Awesome Free chrome extension is available to import products while browsing on Aliexpress.

Live Previews (DEMO)

Please check the demo before purchase the plugin.

Frontend Preview – displaying of products in WooCommerce. You can change the view as you want if edit WooCommerce template files.
Backend Preview – plugin backend (Username: test, Password: test).

If you have any futher questions, please feel free to contact us.

All Features

Import AliExpress Products

Easily import products from directly into your store

Pricing Automations

Сreate pricing rules, and price your products in bulk.

Aliexpress Affiliate & Dropship

With this plugin you can sell product as dropshipper or using Aliexxpress Affiliate Key.

Product Variations

Offer different variations of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more.

Filter Products with ePacket

With the ePacket filter, import only the products with the fastest delivery times.

Product Reviews

Engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to import reviews in your site directly from AliExpress.

Product Customization

Edit your products as you wish: change titles, descriptions, images, anything!

Chrome Extension

Import products while browsing AliExpress using free chrome extension.

Fulfill Orders Automatically

Have your orders shipped directly to your customers in just a few clicks.

Inventory & Price Auto-Sync

Make sure that your inventory and prices are always up to date.

Translate option

Import products and reviews in different AliExpress Languages


Common settings page
Aliexpress Reviews settings page
Import List page - Product Attributes
Chrome Extension settings page
Pricing Rules settings page
Product Search page
Product Search page - shipping data
Order fulfillment feature
Chrome Extension - Searching Products on Aliexpress
Import List page - Product Variations

How can I set up pricing rules?

All products imported to your store from AliExpress imports in their original prices. To make your business profitable, you have to determine and set markups/margins in Aliexpress Dropship > Settings > Pricing Rules, which will apply to all imported products after clicking Apply pricing rules to existing products.

How do I set my markup/margin price?

Your markups/margins are determined by the Price Multiplier which can be found in your Aliexpress Dropship> Settings > Pricing Rules page.

Aliexpress Dropship can multiply or add a fixed markup to the original price or overwrite the original  price with custom price.


Price Multiplier – multiplies the original price by the number you set in the Price Multiplier field.

Fixed Markup – allows you to set a fixed amount that is added on top of your original product price.

Custom Price – overwrite original product price with your custom price.

For example:

If you set the price multiplier to 5, and import a product that costs $10.00 on, Aliexpress Dropship will set your retail price at $50.00. Also, if you set a fixed markup to 5, then same product’s retail price will be set at $15. And, if you set a custom price to 20, then your product’s retail price will be set at 20$.

After you set new pricing rules  don’t forget to click the Save Settings  button. Your determined pricing rules will be applied to all products which you are going to import.

How do I set my advanced pricing rules?

Advanced pricing rules can be used to set your product markup depending on different cost ranges.

For example, if you import four products to Aliexpress Dropship that cost: a) $5 b) $15 c) $25 d) $35.

Then the product retail prices in your store would be set as follows:

  1. $25 ($5 multiplied by 5)
  2. $60 ($15 multiplied by 4)
  3. $75 ($25 multiplied by 3)
  4. $70 ($35 multiplied by 2)

You can also enable a ‘ Compared at price’ markup in your settings and apply it to different product cost ranges.

What are the 'Compared at price' and 'Assign cents' features?

The product cost  determines how much you will charge for products (and It determines your margins). Whereas the compared  at  price  is an advanced pricing technique which when employed creates a strikeout sale price

How to install the Plugin?

Method 1:

  1. Download the zip file you receive after purchase
  2. Install via WordPress > Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload File
  3. Press Install
  4. Activate the plugin

Method 2:

  1. Download the zip file you receive after purchase
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file
  3. Copy the extracted address-autocomplete-gf folder to the //your-wordpress-installation/wp-content/plugins folder
  4. Activate the plugin from the Admin